Announcing Todoist’s New Location Notifications with Free 30-Day Trial

Get notified in Todoist when you're at the right place.

Todoist location alerts

We’re excited to announce that, today, we’ve updated both our iOS and Web apps to offer location-aware task notifications. The Android version will be released later this week. This will make Todoist the first task manager app on the market with these location alerts available on both mobile platforms.

Now, you can create task reminders that, instead of triggering on a specific day or time, will trigger when entering or leaving a specific area. For example, if you create a “Call the accountant” task, you can instruct Todoist to notify you when you walk into your office. You can also set alerts for when you leave a place– like activating a reminder on the task “Pick up dry cleaning” when you leave your home.

Adding locations to your tasks is really simple. Thanks to integrations with Google Maps and Apple Maps, a list of your favorite places will automatically appear with options ready to select. Additionally, you can always search Google Maps or Apple Maps to pin-point and add new locations to your list. Todoist will save your last 10 identified locations so that you can easily select those recently and frequently used.

Todoist Location Alerts - iOS

Location reminders can be managed from any platform (including Gmail or Outlook), but they will only trigger on-the-go when using Todoist on iOS or Android devices. To activate location-aware reminders in iOS, tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn on Location Services and Reminders. On Android, everything is setup automatically.

Location-aware reminders are a Premium feature and, to celebrate this update, we’re offering a free 30 day trial of Todoist Premium, until Sunday, July 6th at 9:00PM ET, to all users who are currently using the free version of Todoist. Click here to redeem.

July 14th– Update to original post: Location-based alerts for Android are now available! To download the updated Todoist for Android smartphones and tablets, please click here.