Boards by Todoist for Windows 10: An experiment with Kanban

Visualizing your tasks just got a whole lot easier.

Boards by Todoist

Today, we’re announcing something a little out of the ordinary.

One of Todoist’s most popular features is its flexible list hierarchy with projects, sub-projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. But sometimes lists can get messy. As projects grow with dozens of tasks across multiple collaborators, it can be be tricky to get a clear overview of exactly who is working on what when.

Over the years, many users have asked for a Kanban board view to visualize tasks in a pipeline of “to do”, “doing”, and “done” when the need arises. In December, our Windows team decided to take up the challenge as a side project.

The result? A simple, stand-alone Windows 10 app called Boards.Boards by Todoist - Kanban view

This nifty, lightweight app allows you to visualize your Todoist tasks as cards in a Kanban-like pipeline. It’s built with the Todoist API, reusing much of Todoist’s pre-existing infrastructure while giving you a completely new way to organize and interact with your tasks.

How Boards works

Boards was built as a side project by our Windows team. That means, for now, it can only be found in the Windows store. You’ll need to have Windows 10 installed on your device to use the app.

Once you have Windows 10 installed, simply download the Boards app and choose the project you want to view in Boards to get started.

All of the Todoist tasks in that project will automatically appear as Boards cards in the To Do column.  All your favorite task features – including due dates, labels, priorities, assignees, attachments, and comments – carry over into your task cards too.

As your project progresses, drag and drop task cards from your To Do column into your In Progress and Completed columns. “@in_progress” and “@done” labels will automatically be added to your tasks in Todoist, but otherwise your Todoist lists will stay exactly the same.

Moving a task to the Completed column in Boards does not automatically complete your tasks in Todoist.  The app lets you choose when you want to move your Completed column to Todoist history. That means none of your Todoist tasks will ever be marked as complete by accident. Once you’ve moved your Boards tasks to history, you can always find them in your completed task history in Todoist.

Other changes you make to your tasks in Boards – re-assigning tasks, adding attachments, and leaving comments – will automatically sync back to Todoist and vice versa. And when you add a task card in Boards, the task will automatically appear at the bottom of your project list in Todoist.

For the sake of simplicity, the current Boards version consists of just three columns – To Do, In Progress, and Completed – that can’t be customized. If those columns don’t fit your your workflow, we’d love to hear what ones you’d find more useful. Editing labels and changing due dates haven’t been added to the Boards app yet.

Boards by Todoist - Dark Theme

Why we made Boards

Boards is our very first experiment in adding new, powerful ways to visualize and interact with your tasks while still maintaining the core Todoist experience you’ve come to rely on.

Using a stand-alone app on just one platform (in this case Windows 10) will allow us to innovate quickly by testing and refining new features and workflows. With experiments like Boards, we aim to get valuable user feedback from real-world use to inform future product development.

We also wanted to demonstrate the possibilities for building new apps and integrations on top of the Todoist platform. The Todoist API is freely available to anyone interested in extending the Todoist experience. That means that anyone can build an app like Boards, not just people within the company.

For more insight into why we built Boards and what it means for Todoist, check out this Medium post by our Head of Windows, Jan Kratochvil.

We hope you’ll join us in improving Boards by Todoist! Download the Boards app from the Windows store and start using it today. Then shoot us an email at with your ideas for improving the app.

P.S. We’re looking for a developer to join our growing Windows team! Think you’d be a good fit for our fast-paced, multicultural, remote company? Check out the job listing for details.