New Year, New Blog

A whole new look, feel, and home for Ambition & Balance

Illustration by Margarida Mouta

As some of you may have noticed, the Doist blog has a new look, feel, and home for 2019. Here are the big things that have changed:

  • We moved Ambition & Balance from Medium to our own, custom-designed WordPress blog. Medium publishes great content, but we need a platform that can grow with us as we connect with readers for years to come.
  • We said goodbye to the old Todoist blog and moved all our content to a single publication at One company. One blog. One goal: To explore what work could (and should) look like in the future.
  • We brought Doist’s minimalist design to the blog so you can focus on reading what you came to read. Because the Internet already has enough distractions. (We also wanted to showcase our talented illustrators, Margarida and Yin, who work hard to make us look good.)

When we first started the blog we were a 6-person team with a single product and a small (yet awesome) userbase searching for a better way to get things done.

But we’ve discovered that personal productivity is only one piece of the puzzle. You can be the most organized and on-top-of-it person in the world, but if your workplace runs on back-to-back meetings, open-office floor plans, after-hours email, and real-time chat, good luck getting anything meaningful done.

Over the past two years, our niche digital to-do list company turned into a workplace productivity company and the blog followed suit.

As we move forward with the new Ambition & Balance, you’ll still find in-depth articles on the best personal productivity methods and mental tricks for beating procrastination, but you’ll also find honest and transparent articles on how to manage a distributed workforce and the mental health challenges of remote work.

Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to use time more efficiently, a manager wondering how to run a remote team, or just someone who’s overwhelmed and looking for a better way to tame the chaos, we’ll help you discover new and better ways to reach your goals.

To sum it up, work is too central to our lives to be complacent about. Let’s imagine how we can make it better.

Thanks for reading!

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