Announcing: The Brand New Todoist Karma

Achieve your goals anywhere, on any device.

Todoist Karma on smartphones

If you’ve ever felt that you’re not as productive as you could be, or that you have a hard time sticking to your goals, today’s news could be just the motivation you need to make a change.

Today, we’re making a big, powerful update to Todoist Karma. After first releasing Karma in 2013, the community has been more supportive that we could have even imagined, and we’ve been excited to put this together for you. Take a look:

Use Todoist Karma on your mobile devices

You’ll now be able to track and view your productivity graphs and Karma score from anywhere you please. Todoist Karma is now available for iOS and Android devices, as well as Todoist’s other platforms like Gmail, Windows, or Google Chrome. Check your weekly stats on the subway ride home, or see all your completed tasks as you head to a meeting. Your Karma is everywhere you need it.

View daily and weekly goals

Todoist now lets you set goals for the number of tasks you want to complete, either daily or weekly. Reaching your goals will significantly increase your Karma. Todoist tracks how many days/weeks you’ve attained your goals, and achieving ongoing “streaks” (like the Seinfeld productivity method) will result in substantial positive Karma.

Achieve new Karma levels

Track your productivity skills as they rise through eight different Karma levels, from beginner to enlightened. Accumulate “positive karma” when you add and complete tasks on time and when you use Todoist’s advanced features like labels, recurring deadlines, and reminders. Of course, not all karma is good. You’ll lose points when you have tasks that are two or more days overdue.

Here are the Karma levels:

  • Beginner: 0–499
  • Novice: 500–2499
  • Intermediate: 2,500–4,999
  • Professional: 5,000–7,499
  • Expert: 7,500–9,999
  • Master: 10,000–19,999
  • Grandmaster: 20,000–49,999
  • Enlightened: 50,000+

Social Karma

Many of you have shared your awesome Karma achievements on social media. Now, you’ll be able to do so automatically. We’ve added support for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ so that you can show off your Karma whenever, and wherever you feel most motivated.

Todoist Karma social networks

You don’t have to change a thing. Just keep moving forward and completing tasks, and enjoy the new and improved Todoist Karma! Be sure to let us know in the comments section which new feature you’re most excited to use ;)