A More Powerful and Polished Todoist for Android

The new updates to Todoist for Android take a good user experience and make it exceptional.

Last year, Todoist stepped into Android’s Material Design age with a massive, top-to-bottom update of our Android app. We left no screen or interaction untouched in our quest to make managing your tasks faster, easier, and more beautiful than ever before. Our users have been vocal in their support for features like intelligent Quick Add, custom themes, swipe to complete and reschedule, and more.  

Now we’re building on top of that solid foundation with an update to make Todoist for Android a smarter, more powerful, and completely polished app. For this update, we went back and perfected the little details, added external keyboard support to make our app more accessible to everyone, and made our intelligent Quick Add even smarter.

Here’s what’s new:

Update to Todoist 9 for Android

Making Quick Add the best way to add tasks

Adding and organizing your tasks in Todoist just got a whole lot easier. In today’s Android update, Quick Add now recognizes both projects and assignees.

That means you can now type your task name, set a due date and priority level, add a label, pick a project, and delegate the task to a coworker all in one line without ever having to open a second screen. It’s like asking a personal assistant to take care of the details so you can focus on moving your work forward.

Here’s how it works:


When you type “#” in Quick Add, a list of all your projects will automatically appear. Either continue typing in the project name you want, or tap on the project in the list. You can also choose to create a brand-new project right from Quick Add.


When you type “+” in Quick Add, the list of collaborators for that project will appear. Either continue typing your collaborator’s name, or choose their name from the list. You can also choose to add a new collaborator to a project if you’ve already shared a project with them in the past.

todoist quick add

Say you remember that you need to get feedback from your colleague Sandy on an important presentation. Now, you can open Todoist, tap the + icon to add a task and type:

“Review the big presentation in an hour #ImportantClient +Sandy @delegated p1” todoist for android quick add

When you hit enter, the Quick Add will automatically recognize each piece of information and assign a priority one task “Review the big presentation” to Sandy, due one hour from now, in the Important Client’s project tagged with a “@delegated” label.todoist for android quick add

Making Todoist for Android more accessible with keyboard supporttodoist for android keyboardWe’re excited to announce that this update also brings keyboard support to Todoist for Android. If you have a Pixel C or Bluetooth keyboard you can now type in tasks and comments and navigate the app, all from the comfort of a keyboard.

This feature is especially important for blind or visually impaired users who use aided navigation to interact with their devices. Our goal is to make Todoist’s powerful task management on Android accessible to as many people as possible. Adding keyboard support marks a huge step forward.

Polish and shine

Last year’s Material release was a massive undertaking, but we still had a long list of details we were itching to go back and perfect. Here are some of the highlights we’re most excited about:

Pinch to add tasks anywhere in a list

Now you can add a task right in the middle of a project. Simply use two fingers to pull two existing tasks apart. The Quick Add text box will appear in between the two tasks where your new task will be saved. This is one more small interaction we added to make it that much faster to add and organize your tasks exactly the way you want.

Sort your tasks any way you like

The newest Todoist for Android brings the highly requested “task sort” feature to mobile. Now you can quickly reorder your project’s tasks by name, date, priority, or assignee with a single tap. Get the exact overview you need to keep your projects moving forward.todoist projects

Beautiful #TodoistZero screens to end the day

Productivity is all about making small steps forward every day. We want to help you celebrate them! This latest update brings you beautiful “no more tasks left for today” screens every time your reach #TodoistZero. You’ll see how many tasks you completed today, and you can easily share your accomplishments with friends and frenemies alike on Twitter or Facebook.todoist zeroWell today was a challenge. Got there in the end! #TodoistZero https://t.co/N9UmmL5HxY

And a few other details for a completely polished experience:

  • Syncing is now 4x faster so you’ll spend less time waiting with less battery usage.
  • The notifications you’ve read on other platforms will now be automatically dismissed in the Android app.
  • We’ve added “undo” options on pretty much everything—drag-and-drop reordering, project sorting, move completed tasks to history—so you never have to worry about accidentally moving your tasks to the wrong place.
  • We’ve also added better in-app feedback for certain actions—like adding a task to a different project—so you’ll always know what’s happening.
  • We changed the way we handle creating sub-tasks to make it easier to understand. Instead of choosing an indent level when adding a task, you instead choose which parent task you want the new task to be nested under.
  • Attachment handling is improved so your photos will always appear with the right rotation that will be synced across all platforms.
  • You can now enjoy more options for formatting text in tasks, projects, and comments—most notably, emoji shortcuts like “:smile:,” “:scream:,”and “:crying_cat_face:” Because we believe every project is made better with just the right emoji.
  • Tons of general polish to the interface make managing tasks on Android as smooth and seamless as possible.

todoist emojisTodoist for Android 9 is all about the little features, tweaks, and fixes that take a great user experience and make it exceptional. We wanted to take a step back and make sure that each and every one of our current features is fully complete and effortless to use before we start adding new ones. With this update, we’re paving the way for even more powerful and polished task management on Android in the future.

We hope you enjoy Todoist for Android 9! Download the update and let us know what you think in the comments below… :)

Download the new Todoist for Android