Announcing Todoist for Android Wear [plus triple giveaway!]

Get organized...right from your wrist!

After being named one of the best Android apps for 2014 by Google, we could not be more excited to announce the release of Todoist for Android Wear devices. Now, you’ll be able to access your to do list just by looking at (or talking to!) the smart watch on your wrist. As part of our popular set of Google-based apps (including Android, Chrome, Chromebook, and Gmail), you will be able to seamlessly integrate your on-the-go task management with Todoist for Android Wear. Some of the features that you’ll be able to enjoy on your wearable device include:

Amazing notification support:

All Todoist notifications– including location, task, collaboration, and file upload notifications– are fully and completely optimized for Android Wear. For example, if you have a reminder to “pick up dry cleaning” on your way home, your watch will vibrate when you get close to the laundromat. Or, if your wife assigned you a task to “call the landlord at 5pm,” simply speak into your device to add a comment to the task, such as: “I spoke with him, rent is due Tuesday.”

Voice commands:

With Todoist for Android Wear, you can add any task or reminder to you to do list just by speaking to the wearable. Driving to work and think of a great idea for your next project? Just tell your watch: “OK Google, start to do list. Add task,” and it will be added directly to your Todoist task inbox.

Sending task lists

Choose any Todoist view (‘Today,’ ‘Next 7 Days,’ a project, etc.) on any Android Wear supported device and send the complete task list to an Android Wear wearable. All tasks will show up in correct order. This is perfect, say, if you’re going grocery shopping– when you arrive to the Supermarket, just send your shopping list directly to your Android Wear device and shop hands-free.

Gonçalo Silva, the head of Android development at Todoist adds that “wearables are revolutionizing the way people use technology. Being at the forefront of this revolution means you must completely understand the platform and optimize extensively for it– this is exactly what we’ve done with Todoist. Gorgeous, glanceable information with very low interaction, right on your wrist. So much power in such a small form factor. We love it!” To see Todoist for Android Wear in action, check out this short video:

Win One of 3 Android Wear Watches!

We’ve been working really hard on perfecting Todoist for Android Wear, which is why we’re looking forward to celebrating with an awesome giveaway of three Android Wear watches to three different winners!! Participating in the giveaway, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win one of these brand new smart watches:

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The contest starts today (December 17th) and will end on Friday, December 26th at 12:00 noon ET. The three winners will be announced here in this post, and each one must be a current Todoist user to win. Best of luck!