Announcing v10 of Todoist for iOS

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Getting more done requires a to-do list that doesn’t stand in the way. Starting today, with the release of Todoist’s most comprehensive update ever for iOS, planning, organizing, and executing your personal and professional tasks will take less time and energy than ever before. It’s version 10 of Todoist for iOS, and it has the potential to truly change your life.

Since late last year, our team of developers and designers have been busy studying the intricacies of just how our community adds and manages tasks on-the-go. Armed with these insights, we got to work crafting several powerful new features, each designed to make staying productive an effortless experience. We believe that this is the most intuitive task manager for iOS. It is a task manager that will continue to help people like you achieve truly amazing things (like launching your own businesses and building your dream homes).

Today, there are over four million of you who rely on Todoist every single day to get things done. You add an incredible average of 510,000 tasks and share an average of 52,000 tasks per day in many millions of different projects. You require a to-do list that keeps up, and we can’t wait for you to try the new Todoist for iOS :)

New features you’ll see on Todoist v10 for iOS

The new features you’ll be able to use on Todoist for iOS are built to transform the way you work and live. Inspired by both simplicity and power, we designed them with your goals in mind. Want to run a marathon? Intelligent input and start/end dates will make it easier than ever to schedule your runs. What about simply running from one meeting to the next? Todoist’s new quick add and multi-task editing will ensure that your to-do list keeps up with your fast-paced lifestyle.

Here’s a list of the brand new features you’ll enjoy in Todoist v10 for iOS:

Intelligent input

It’s never been easier to compile your mobile to-do list. Type important task information like due dates, labels, and priorities directly into the task field on your iOS device. The intelligent in-line adding will recognize, highlight, and immediately sort out and properly categorize all the details for you. Our new date parsing (likely one of the most advanced in the world!) is available in 14 languages (including Chinese!) and supports over 100 rules and 300 normalizations per language. This means that you can input almost any combination of details whatsoever into Todoist, and our app will know exactly what to do with it.

todoist for ios Intelligent_input

Quick add to de-clutter your brain

There are two new ways to quickly add tasks to your Todoist projects:

  1. Add tasks lightning-fast to any list by simply clicking the red circle in any task view or project. Any items you add with this quick add option will instantly appear at the bottom of your list/project.
  2. Forgot to add a task in the middle of a list? No problem: just use your index finger and thumb to pull two tasks apart. This action lets you quickly add one or multiple items right then and there. The new task will show up in the exact position from where it was pulled apart, and it will also maintain its hierarchy (if you pull apart two sub-tasks, the new task will also be a sub-task).

todoist for ios quick_add

Start and end dates

Start and end dates have been one of the most frequently requested features in Todoist’s history, and we’re thrilled to bring them to you in this update! Now, Todoist will be able to handle your extreme due dates, no matter how eccentric they get. Our revamped natural date options will allow you to create a task to “run two miles with Carrie every Thursday at 6 a.m. starting April 2 and ending October 12.” The scheduling possibilities are endless.

todoist for ios Start_end dates

Expandable/collapsable list views

The visualization of your larger, more complex projects will become much more organized on mobile. Now, you’ll be able to indent and reorder tasks and sub-projects by simply using the “long press” tap action and moving the task to its correct place or hierarchy within the larger project. You can hide less imperative tasks to get a full overview of your project by collapsing sub-tasks and sub-projects. This way, you’ll only see the parent task/project. By tapping the parent task/project, all the sub-items will then reappear on your full list.

Todoist for ios Expand-Collapse

Multi-task editing

Now, you’ll be able to increase your efficiency by editing two or more to-dos at the same time. Need to change all the dates in your marathon project? No problem. Just select all the items that need to be modified and tap on the calendar icon to select a new date. Have a project that grew out of control? With two clicks you can move tasks and their existing hierarchy to a completely different or new project. Other multi-task editing options include completing multiple tasks at the same time, changing due dates, updating priority status, and delegating to a new person.

todoist for ios multi_task editing

Colorful themes

Personalize your to-do list with Todoist’s first ever color themes. Choose from ten beautiful options including Todoist red, tangerine, sunflower, clover, blueberry, sky, amethyst, noir, graphite, or neutral. Let us know in the comments which color you like best :)

Todoist 10 Themes

And much more!

Complete and reschedule tasks on-the-go with the swift swipe of a finger. Plus, enjoy a completely redesigned and simplified UI with new welcome and log-in screens, a redesigned notes menu, and a completely updated left menu. Todoist v10 for iOS is a treat for both your eyes and for your productivity.

todoist for ios iphone ipad

Not an iOS user? Don’t worry…

Though currently exclusive to Todoist for iOS, these features will soon begin to roll out on our apps for the web, Android, Mac, and Windows.

There is one awesome feature that our Android and web communities will get to enjoy, starting today– improved date support on par with what we’ve just released for iOS, including support for 14 languages and 300+ types of recognizable date formats :) As we reach the final stages of our massive Material redesign for Android, we’ll be sharing some exclusive details and sneak peeks here on the blog.

iPhone 6 and Apple Watch giveaway

We couldn’t launch such an monumental update to Todoist for iOS without celebrating with an equally awesome giveaway :) This time, by participating you’ll be entered to win a brand new iPhone 6 (16GB, any color) or a brand new Apple Watch (as soon as it’s available to purchase!).

The contest starts today (March 31st) and will end on Tuesday, April 14th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. The two winners will be announced here in this post on the 14th,. You must be a current Todoist user to qualify. (Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. iPhone and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries).

Best of luck!

We can’t wait to hear what you think about version 10 of Todoist for iOS! Please share your comments with us below– we’re looking forward to reading your feedback, and hope that you love using the app as much as we have loved building it :)