Todoist is Now Integrated with CloudMagic

Add your emails directly to Todoist!

We’re very excited to announce Todoist’s integration with CloudMagic, an award winning app to help you maintain control of your email inbox. With CloudMagic, you can manage all of your email inboxes from one single app– they support nearly all email clients including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud and more.

As they mentioned on their blog, Todoist was one of the most frequently requested “cards” and became one of their “top choices” of services with which to integrate. Using CloudMagic, Todoist users can now add tasks to Todoist directly from mobile email inboxes. We’ve tried it, and it’s amazing :)

CloudMagic is free for both iOS and Android.  Just download the app and add the Todoist “card” to your list.

We look forward to hearing your comments about CloudMagic and Todoist!