Todoist Integrates with Powr Of You for Increased Productivity Tracking

Users can now learn how their personal habits and digital lifestyle impact their productivity.

Todoist Powr of You

For all of you productivity fans out there, we’re excited to announce another integration that we think you will enjoy.

Powr Of You is a new data marketplace for consumers and brands to learn and earn from each other. It allows users to learn more about themselves and their online habits through connecting various profiles, social networks, and browser extensions. And it presents this information in the form of beautiful visualizations. (Think, Todoist Karma on steroids!).

Users earn rewards with Powr Of You’s revenue share model, and brands learn about their consumers’ cross-platform habits, interests, and media consumption to make data-backed decisions to improve marketing ROI. Brands also earn consumer confidence and loyalty by being consumer privacy champions.

The new integration allows users to learn how their personal habits and digital lifestyle impact their productivity. With Todoist and Powr Of You, you will be able to access actionable data that measures your productivity cycles on a daily basis, including the following information:

  • Quantified self: see your productivity information from Todoist displayed directly on your personal Powr Of You user dashboard
  • Life-hacking with data: how your social media and browsing habits impact your productivity by comparing it to your Todoist tasks

Todoist’s head of support, Aygul Zagidullina, says “We’re very excited about this new integration. It makes Todoist and Powr Of You users more productive than ever before. These seamlessly integrated apps help our users stay organized and motivated to get things done—through Todoist—and give them the ability to measure their success, through Power of You.”

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