Todoist’s New Uniform Pricing

Premium and Business pricing in all currencies will be updated annually to reflect current exchange rates.

Since day one, Todoist has been influenced to the core by the international nature of the team behind it. Currently, the app is developed by a team from all over the globe from Peru to Poland to the Philippines, and is translated into 21 different languages– the most of any other task manager available. As of today, we support 66 various international currencies, something that can get quite complicated when exchange rates fluctuate.

That’s why, today, we’re announcing a uniform pricing system that will streamline and standardize Todoist Premium and Todoist for Business payments around the globe. This will provide a much more consistent pricing structure for all of our nearly 6 million users across every platform that we support. We’re looking forward to putting this strategy into effect as it’s something that we believe will maintain our pricing as stable and fair as possible.

Starting on December 5th, we will regularly update Todoist Premium and Todoist for Business pricing across all platforms based off of current international exchange rates. The price of Todoist Premium will be the equivalent of US$29 per year.  The price of Todoist for Business will be the equivalent of US$29 per user per year or US$3 per user per month.  The price of Todoist in all other currencies will be adjusted accordingly. We’re providing this 30 day grace period to make sure all of our users have a chance to be informed of this change.

As this will begin to affect Todoist for Business users’ monthly payments, we’re happy to announce that we will “grandfather” our Business users into the new pricing system. This means that if the new adjusted monthly price is higher than the price you signed-up for, we will honor your original sign-up price as long as you renew your subscription. If the new adjusted price is lower than your sign-up price, the new price will take effect in your next billing cycle.

This new pricing will only affect Todoist Premium users after your current subscription expires.  Nothing will change for users who pay in US dollars. 

We are glad to be implementing this new uniformed pricing method and are looking forward to this clearer multi-platform solution. We also understand that you might have some questions about this– please feel free to contact our Support Team any time at