A Quick Look at Todoist’s Rebranding and Upgraded Features

Learn more about a new look and powerful new features for web and desktop apps and plugins.

Todoist rebranding

No doubt, you’ve heard about the Todoist rebranding that happened a few weeks ago. It came with a fancy, new logo, a new typeface, and a totally new design—at least for desktop access. Following is a peak into Todoist’s new look and powerful features.

New themes

Todoist’s appearance has changed, with a red heading at the top. It’s part of the same theme system introduced in the mobile apps from the summer. You can change the color to black or neutral—for those who miss the old look. Premium users have access to seven more colors: tangerine, sunflower, clover, blueberry, sky, amethyst, and graphite. (Personally, I really like tangerine).

From the desktop app, browser plug-ins, and web view, priority levels are now different colors—red, orange, yellow, and white. And, you now complete tasks by checking circles, not squares.

Quick add

The recent mobile app updates also introduced a “quick add” feature, which makes task creation much faster and easier. You can now expect the same experience for task creation across all platforms and apps, including mobile. Hit the plus sign in the upper right portion of the app and start typing. As you type, different words become highlighted, such as dates, priority levels, or tags. These highlighted words mean the text is parsed and handled accordingly when you add the task. If at any point something has been incorrectly parsed, simply click on the highlighted text to deselect it.

Advanced date parsing, with start and end dates

The same date parsing available in mobile apps is now available in the desktop, web, and browser plug-ins. It’s available in 14 languages with over 300 natural language rules, meaning you can type out due dates and recurring due dates naturally. (For example, you can write “go to the gym every day starting October 1st and ending January 20th” or “make cold brew coffee every Monday, Thursday, Saturday starting October 5th.”)

If you don’t want or like date parsing, you can easily disable it by going to Todoist settings and selecting no, thanks for inline date parsing.

Quick comment

Something you won’t find in the mobile apps is the ability to quickly add comments to tasks as you’re creating them. On the updated desktop apps, a feature called quick comment allows you to type out a few text notes before completing the task add. Still, if you want to upload or attach files, you’ll have to do that the old fashioned way.

Quick find

Another feature you won’t find on mobile is quick find, which is different from the simple search feature on mobile. In the query bar at the top, simply begin typing. The results will change and narrow as you type, parsing all sorts of data like tasks, labels, projects, and even filters—making it the quickest way to find anything in your Todoist list. Period.

Oh, and a little pro tip: hitting the “F” key from within the desktop app, web client, or plug-in dropdown will place your cursor in the search bar.

Better mobile web experience

Finally, the mobile web version of Todoist has vastly improved. It now looks and acts virtually identical to desktop access.