Todoist Preview for Windows 10 Has Arrived

We’re bringing beautiful, powerful task management to Windows 10.

Todoist for Windows 10

For 32 years, Microsoft Windows has been changing the way we get things done. Today, we’re thrilled to add to that legacy with our all-new native Todoist for Windows 10 app!

Our ultimate goal is to make Todoist the best to-do list app on the planet, on any Windows-powered device.

With this Preview, we’re bringing our signature distraction-free design and powerful task management features to Windows 10. Starting with a rock-solid foundation from the popular Todoist Windows client TaskCrunch—an app we acquired earlier this year along with its founder, Jan Kratochvil—our Windows team set to work creating Todoist’s first ever native desktop app. According to Jan, our head of Windows:

Our ultimate goal is to make Todoist the best to-do list app on the planet, on any Windows-powered device. The ambition is to keep the distinctive experience that is Todoist, while incorporating elements that make Windows 10 apps truly universal. We’re especially excited to allow Todoist for Windows 10 users to transition seamlessly from mouse to touch and pen and work on any screen size.

The result of months of work is a beautifully customizable, feature-rich task manager built specifically for Windows 10 users.

Here’s what you can expect in this first Preview version:

A native app built just for Windows 10

Todoist for Windows 10 LiveTiles

Todoist for Windows 10 will be our first ever native desktop app. That means faster performance, seamless offline support, complete compatibility with your touch screen computers, and a Todoist look-and-feel that we have optimized for Windows.  

And of course, your to-do lists will be deeply integrated with all your favorite Windows 10 features. Today, we’re launching the Preview with customizable Live Tiles and actionable notifications, with Cortana integration soon to come.

A completely customizable workflow

Todoist for Windows 10 #TodoistZero

Our goal is to build a flexible, yet powerful app that empowers you to get things done your way. Use Todoist for Windows’ customizable organizational features like sub-tasks, sub-projects, labels, and filters to create the workflow that makes sense for you.

Group discussions in context

Todoist for Windows 10 Three-Panel View

Todoist for Windows 10 will be our first ever platform to support a three-pane view. This means your group discussions will always be in context with a side-by-side overview of your projects, tasks, comments, and attached files. The three-pane view makes it easier than ever to collaborate with coworkers, family members, and friends, while moving your important projects forward in Todoist for Windows.

Interactive notifications for instant, actionable updates

Todoist for Windows 10 Interactive Notifications

Get notified of upcoming tasks, and never forget another important deadline. Our brand-new, interactive notifications allow you to receive and complete task reminders without ever entering the Todoist app.   

And much more to come…

This preview of Todoist for Windows 10 is just the beginning. You might encounter a few bugs in the system or discover features that are still missing. Most notably, this first app preview isn’t optimized for Windows 10 phones, and is fully supported only in English for now.

In the coming months, our Windows team will add powerful new features like advanced filters, completed task history, and Cortana integration; optimizing Todoist for Windows 10 Mobile; adding support for all of our 20+ languages; and generally polishing the app to perfection. Says Jan:

After the Preview release, we’ll immediately start refining the app, fixing any bugs, and adding some awesome new features. We’re really looking forward to the input we’ll receive from our community. You will be the ones who help us decide which features to prioritize and how to take full advantage of Windows 10 capabilities.

Give Todoist for Windows 10 a try, and let us know what you think!

Download Todoist Preview for Windows 10

Want to have a hand in polishing Todoist for Windows 10?

If you want to help us improve Todoist for Windows 10, just click on the big red button above to download the new app preview. Then, email us your feedback at

Is there a key feature missing that you want to see? Is there an element that we can change to better fit your workflow? We want to hear about it! Our Windows team will personally read each and every email and incorporate your feedback into the final version of Todoist for Windows 10.  

We can’t wait to polish our Windows 10 app to perfection with your ideas and suggestions. Download the Preview today and let us know what you think!