Todoist Year in Review (Plus your Personal Productivity Report for 2015)

Your 2015 Todoist Year in Review is Here!

Todoist Year in Review 2015

2015 was the most productive year yet for the Todoist community.  

Todoist users started more new projects and completed more tasks than ever before.

We hit exciting new milestones including major updates for all Todoist platforms and a completely redesigned brand and logo that reflects our community’s get-it-done spirit. At the end of the year, over 6 million people were using Todoist to move their important projects forward.

At the start of a fresh new year, I wanted to share with you what we’ve accomplished together in 2015 and where we’re heading in 2016…

Todoist Year in Review Infographic

It’s incredibly inspiring to see everything the Todoist community accomplished last year. We’re proud and grateful that you’ve chosen us to help you achieve your ambitious goals. Nothing we’ve done in 2015 would have been possible without your hard work and audacity to accomplish things a little bit differently. We want to say a heartfelt thank you for your support.

We know that you’re not about to get comfortable with what you’ve achieved this year and neither are we. 2016 will be our most ambitious year yet.  Here are a few of the new things you can expect: 

  • Major updates for Todoist for Business to make team collaboration more effective and transparent.
  • Todoist Extensions to customize your productivity workflow with innovative new integrations.
  • Native desktop apps to turn your computer into a powerful productivity hub for your work and personal life.
  • New versions of our wearable apps to further free yourself from the distractions of your smartphone and reimagine what it means to be productive on the go.
  • Completely new ways to organize and visualize your upcoming tasks.
  • And a whole lot more that we look  forward to sharing in the months to come…

We can’t wait to see where your ambitions take you in 2016! We’re looking forward to helping you along the way.

Most Sincerely,

Amir  Salihefendic, Founder and CEO of Todoist

P.S. Of course, no year-end review would be complete without your personal productivity report.  Discover how much you accomplished in 2015; find your most productive month, day, and time; see how you stack up against your Todoist compatriots; and more.*

Get Your Personal Productivity Report

Share your impressive stats with your networks, compare them with your 2014 productivity numbers, and start planning to accomplish even more in the year to come!

*Please note that you will only be able to view your personal productivity report if you have completed at least 50 tasks in Todoist in 2015. You must also be logged into Todoist to view it.