Get More Done with Todoist, Zapier, & Multi-Step Workflows

Win back precious time by automating your workflow.

Todoist Zapier integration

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to productivity. That’s why we love integrations that give you the power to create your very own Todoist workflow. Today, we’re excited to announce some big changes to Zapier’s Todoist integration that will allow you to save time with even more powerful customization and automation!

Zapier works with Todoist to connect your tasks to more than 500 other apps like Evernote, Slack, and Gmail. The idea is simple: you can set up an action in Todoist to trigger a different action in another app and vice versa. You could have Zapier create new Todoist tasks whenever you star a Slack message, or log each completed task to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Each Todoist Zap helps you accomplish more in less time.

While Todoist Zaps have been around for awhile, the Zapier team is now giving you even more control to customize your task management with Multi-Step Zaps. Starting today, you can build workflows with multiple steps and actions.

Todoist-Slack-Evernote integration

For example, the next time you mark a Todoist task as complete, your Zap can automatically send your team a Slack message, add a Toggl time entry for the task, and record the details in an Evernote note. You can do all that just by ticking off a single to-do.


Zapier also made major improvement to their Todoist integration with Search Actions. By adding an extra step to any Zap, you can look up a task, project, or teammate in Todoist, and use that info in another step in Zapier. It’s like a dynamic search engine for your to-dos.

Zapier's Todoist Search Actions

Want some ideas on how to get more done by combining Todoist and Zapier? Here are three time-saving tactics that will turn you into a productivity master.

Remember to Review New Files in Your Cloud Storage App

Your email inbox is a mismatched hub for trading files. Contracts, proposals, blog posts, you name it. But email’s not great at file management; it wasn’t built for it.

If you’re using email as a routing service for important documents, this workflow will help your attachment-packed conveyer belt keep humming along. It watches for emails in Gmail that contain files, then copies the file to a folder in Box, a cloud storage service. From there, your Zap will create a Todoist task—attaching a link to your file—so you remember to tackle it later.

gmail+box+todoist workflow

This Multi-Step Zap can streamline things like reviewing legal agreements or pitches that your team puts together. If you want to go a step further, you can add a Filter – by sender, file name, file type, etc. – between steps so that only certain files get added to Box.

Automatically Set Up To-Dos When You Land a New Client

Awesome, you nabbed a deal with a big-name client! Now your team needs to get that new partner onboarded, set up a project timeline, and take care of some administrative tasks.

You can use Zapier and Todoist to automate your baseline project setup. When you mark a deal as “won” in your CRM—Pipedrive, for example—this Multi-Step Zap can give you a head-start. When it triggers, the Zap can search for an existing Todoist project based on info from your Pipedrive deal, like the deal’s name, owner, or linked product.

From there, your Zap can add tasks to the project it just found. Have it automatically set up the next steps for your team, so your partnership can get off the ground.


Tack Actions onto the end of your workflow to fill your Todoist list with action items.

Jump on Failed Credit Card Charges

Never lose a sale because of an expired credit card again. When there’s a hiccup with with a customer’s payment, help your team get out in front of it by proactively reaching out.

This Multi-Step Zap will watch for failed transactions in payment processing app Stripe. When one pops up, it’ll automatically start a Zendesk ticket for your support team, and add a task to a Todoist project of your choice. You’ll have a unique conversation that you can follow-up on, and a reminder in Todoist to get in touch.

stripe+zendesk+todoist workflow

Want to give your customer an instant heads-up, too? Mix in a Gmail or Mandrill Action that sends the buyer an email, outlining the issue. They’ll appreciate that you have their back, and you can get started on troubleshooting.

Get started building your custom Todoist workflow today with Multi-Step workflows!

If you’re looking for inspiration, feel free to browse Zapier for integrations between Todoist and other popular apps like Typeform, Box, MailChimp, FreshBooks, FullContact, Eventbrite, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and hundreds more.

Have other creative ideas for Multi-Step Todoist Zaps? Share them in the comments below!