Want to GTD? Discover your most productive day

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No matter what your profession or your age, there is a limited amount of time in the week to get things done. Your days are packed with tasks, meetings, activities and events that require you to properly divide your attention among your various commitments. Luckily, there are various ways you can focus your energy during the week in order to achieve your goals during the times when you’ll be at your peak.

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The results are in. The most productive days are…

Between two recent studies, there is in fact a toss up with regards to the most productive day of the week. Though many people may claim to suffer from an acute “Case of the Mondays,” it’s actually considered one of the best times of the week to get things done. According to this recent study done in the UK, the most productive time of the week is Monday morning at precisely 10:01AM. According to the researchers, it’s at this time of day that people still feel energized and rejuvenated from the weekend and begin to buckle down on their to-do list (that is, after checking email, making the office rounds and probably having a cup of coffee). The study also shows that your ability to GTD on Monday sets a serious precedent for your weekly productivity. Participants who didn’t complete their tasks before the end of the day on Monday had a striking 67% reduced chance of finishing everything during the week.

The next school of thought places the productivity bet on Tuesdays. After having surveyed over 300 Human Resources managers at U.S. companies with at least 20 employees, this agency reports that 39% of the managers noted that employees were more productive on Tuesdays (Mondays came in second place with 24%). They attributed this to the fact that “many workers spend Monday catching up from the previous week and planning the one ahead. On Tuesday, employees may begin to have time to focus on individual tasks and become more productive.

Although there are two different theories on which day is most productive, we can still use this information to make decisions on how to plan our weeks in order to maximize our efforts.

How to find and maximize your productive days

Now that we know that Mondays and Tuesdays are defined by researchers as the most productive days of the week, we can begin to implement strategies that take advantage of these peaks.

Todoist Karma: One of the best ways to discover your personal productivity peak is to delve into your Todoist Karma graphs. To do this, all you have to do is click your Todoist Karma Score at the top right of the web app, then “View all completed.” From there, you can click on either “past two weeks,” “past month,” or “past six months” to determine your unique graph.

Todoist Karma

For example, here is my graph for the past six months (proving theory #2!).

Todoist karma

The data we’ve been able to mine from Todoist Karma also indicates that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week– 18.6% of all Todoist tasks completed are on Tuesday, which is followed closely by Monday with approximately 16.5% of all tasks. Weekend task completion drops by about 50%.

After you’ve figured out which days are your best, you can take measures to block off those times. For example, if your most productive day is Tuesday– and you know you’re a morning person, you should clearly block off that time in your calendar. Don’t schedule meetings, don’t arrive to work late, avoid an open office plan, and make an effort to schedule important, meaningful tasks during that uninterrupted time.

On which day of the week are you most productive– Monday, Tuesday, or other? What methods do you use to GTD during your peak hours? Let us know in the comments!