Creating global impact by simplifying life’s complexities

And challenging the status quo with simple yet powerful tools

Todoist: The top-ranked productivity app that brings clarity and efficiency to millions of people and teams.

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The only asynchronous-first collaboration app that encourages teams to focus, create, and disconnect.

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Pioneering async- and remote-first work for over a decade

Doist has been async- and remote-first since day one (back in 2010). We’re living proof that this way of working is the future, not a fad.


year founded


employee retention rate


of Doisters have been here 4+ years


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We’re bootstrapped, profitable, and here for the long-run

We’re an independent company without plans to sell out or get acquired. We’ll be here for our users and our teammates for decades to come.

Why We Don’t Have an Exit Strategy

Why We Don’t Have an Exit Strategy

Unlike most of today's high-growth tech startups, we want to be the owners of our destiny and build a meaningful company that will outlast us. Not sell out to the highest bidder.

How to become a market leader in 10 years

How to become a market leader in 10 years

We’ve learned a thing or two about building a sustainable company in a competitive market with millions of users and zero investors.