Many walks of life, one shared mission

From Minneapolis to the Philippines, Brazil to Bratislava, we‘re united by one goal: Empower people with simple yet powerful tools.

We are Doist

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We are Doist

  • Brianny Chamorro

    Brianny C.Growth Marketing

  • Jaime Azevedo

    Jaime A.Head of Apple

  • Luciano F.

    Luciano F.Platform Engineer

  • Artyom Pervukhim

    Artyom P.Platform Engineer

  • Alex Rodrigues

    Alex R.Head of Platform

  • Allan Christensen

    Allan C.Head of People

  • Brandon Willett

    Brandon W.Backend Development

  • Nolan Warner

    Nolan W.iOS Development

  • Thomas Doehler

    Thomas D.Head of Backend

  • Ecehan A.

    Ecehan A.Turkish Localization

  • Jon McCullough

    Jon M.Product Marketing

  • Anaïs Mares

    Anaïs M.Graphic Designer

  • Stephen Barkan

    Stephen B.Brand Design Lead

  • Natalie Mclaren

    Natalie M.Frontend Lead

  • Enric Enrich

    Enric E.iOS Development

  • Andrew Mleczko

    Andrew M.Backend Lead

  • Willian Molinari

    Willian M.Backend Lead

  • Modasser Billah

    Modasser B.Backend Lead

  • Stef Gonzaga

    Stef G.Customer Education Specialist

  • Samuel Earle

    Samuel E.Growth Lead

  • Becky Kane

    Becky K.Content Lead

  • Rui Martins

    Rui M.Electron Developer

  • Sergio Wanderley

    Sergio W.Customer Experience

  • Omar Samuels

    Omar S.CX Developer

  • Diane Lee

    Diane L.Customer Experience

  • Marija Grigorjeva

    Marija G.Customer Experience

  • Marco Vettorello

    Marco V.Customer Experience

  • Caroline Florian

    Caroline F.Customer Experience

  • David Trey

    David T.Customer Experience

  • Pierre Kotarski

    Pierre K.Customer Experience

  • Summer Teoh

    Summer T.Customer Experience

  • Rikke Lohse

    Rikke L.Customer Experience

  • Dermot O'Connor

    Dermot O.Customer Experience

  • Stacey Carlyle

    Stacey C.Customer Experience

  • Keita Yamada

    Keita Y.Customer Service Lead

  • Galina Skovorodnikova

    Galina S.Customer Success Lead

  • Evert Velthuizen

    Evert V.Head of Customer Experience

  • Melis Ünal

    Melis Ü.Turkish Localization

  • Julia Hilt

    Julia H.Design

  • David Miotti

    David M.Fullstack Development

  • Anton Ball

    Anton B.Fullstack Lead

  • Kahlil Hodgson

    Kahlil H.Backend Development

  • Naomi Liddell

    Naomi L.Content Marketing

  • Denise York

    Denise Y.Content Marketing

  • Dawid Gaweł

    Dawid G.Fullstack Development

  • Chase Warrington

    Chase W.Head of Remote

  • Daniel García

    Daniel G.International Growth Marketing

  • Jef Curtis

    Jef C.Fullstack Development

  • Hugo Fauquenoi

    Hugo F.Product Management

  • Ben Breckler

    Ben B.Design Lead

  • Alex Muench

    Alex M.Design Lead

  • Frankie Yan

    Frankie Y.Frontend Lead

  • Ernesto García

    Ernesto G.Frontend Lead

  • Rain Soo

    Rain S.Product Management

  • Scott Lovegrove

    Scott L.Frontend Development

  • Paweł Grimm

    Paweł G.Frontend Development

  • Lefteris Chatzimparmpas

    Lefteris C.Backend Development

  • Janusz Gregorczyk

    Janusz G.Backend Development

  • Francesca Guiducci

    Francesca G.Frontend Development

  • Maeg Valdez

    Maeg V.Finance

  • Luke Merrett

    Luke M.Backend Development

  • Brenna Loury

    Brenna L.CMO

  • Sergey Kozlov

    Sergey K.Android Development

  • Akari Takahashi

    Akari T.Japanese Localization

  • Matteo Moroni

    Matteo M.Italian Localization

  • Kjetil L

    Kjetil L.Norwegian Localization

  • Thomas Jost

    Thomas J.Backend Development

  • Ana Ferreira

    Ana F.Head of Design

  • Carrie Hall

    Carrie H.Android Development

  • Heather Andrews

    Heather A.Motion Designer

  • Dominique Jost

    Dominique J.Head of Product

  • João Valente

    João V.Frontend Development

  • Paul Oslund

    Paul O.Frontend Development

  • Menghan Zhong

    Menghan Z.Head of Finance

  • Davy Van Landuyt

    Davy V.Dutch Localization

  • Afzal Najam

    Afzal N.Android Development

  • Felipe Rodrigues

    Felipe R.Backend Development

  • Ricardo Amaral

    Ricardo A.Frontend Development

  • Stijn Zoontjens

    Stijn Z.Design

  • Angélica Puerto

    Angélica P.Spanish Localization

  • Vojtěch Schubert

    Vojtěch S.Czech Localization

  • Alex Wiese

    Alex W.German Localization

  • Luis Abreu

    Luis A.Design

  • Hiroki Nagasawa

    Hiroki N.iOS Development

  • Craig Carlyle

    Craig C.Frontend Development

  • Beata Wojciechowska

    Beata W.Polish Localization

  • Julia Pustovoytova

    Julia P.Android Development

  • Pedro Santos

    Pedro S.Android Development

  • Oleg Tyurin

    Oleg T.Russian Localization

  • Rebecka Ekblad

    Rebecka E.Swedish Localization

  • Andrew Gobran

    Andrew G.People Operations

  • Olga Vshivtseva

    Olga V.Android Development

  • Rastislav Vaško

    Rastislav V.Head of Android

  • Jane Youn

    Jane Y.Korean Localization

  • Hugues Marty

    Hugues M.French Localization

  • Patrik Selin

    Patrik S.Finnish Localization

  • Guan Li

    Guan L.Chinese Localization

  • Raquel Pontes

    Raquel P.Brazilian Portuguese Localization

  • Manal Al-Shair

    Manal A.Arabic Localization

  • Anthony Egerton

    Anthony E.iOS Development

  • Andris Zalitis

    Andris Z.iOS Development

  • Henning Muszynski

    Henning M.Head of Frontend

  • Seva Zaikov

    Seva Z.Frontend Development

  • Pedro Alves

    Pedro A.Frontend Development

  • Panagiotis Tsamoudakis

    Panagiotis T.Design

  • Amir Salihefendic

    Amir S.Founder & CEO

  • Gonçalo Silva

    Gonçalo S.CTO

Doist Team Hangout

Our differences make us a stronger team

The diversity at Doist makes for more innovative collaborations and more delightful workdays.

Galina S. avatar

Galina S.

Vancouver, Canada

My remote office can be anywhere. Almost… I wish there was Wi-Fi at the top of the mountain 😊

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🎉 17

Scott L. avatar

Scott L.

Poole, England

A flexible schedule gives me time to work on my photography, like this photo I took of the iconic Durdle Door in Dorset, UK at 4AM.

🎉 3

🙂 17

Ben B. avatar

Ben B.

Working remotely has allowed me to travel to beautiful surf destinations and practice my surfing.

🎉 10

🙂 17

Carrie H. avatar

Carrie H.

Berlin, Germany

Working remotely and async allows me flexibility to take my daughter outside to enjoy the changing seasons and spend more quality time together.

🙂 2

🎉 12