Many walks of life, one shared mission

From Minneapolis to Philippines, Brazil to Bratislava, we‘re united by one goal: build the future of work.

We are Doist

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We are Doist

  • Rui Martins

    Rui M.Electron Developer

  • Radek Lát

    Radek L.Backend Development

  • Sergio Wanderley

    Sergio W.Customer Experience

  • Omar Samuels

    Omar S.CX Developer

  • Diane Lee

    Diane L.Customer Experience

  • Marija Grigorjeva

    Marija G.Customer Experience

  • Marco Vettorello

    Marco V.Customer Experience

  • Caroline Florian

    Caroline F.Customer Experience

  • David Trey

    David T.Customer Experience

  • Pierre Kotarski

    Pierre K.Customer Experience

  • Summer Teoh

    Summer T.Customer Experience

  • Agnese Balducchi

    Agnese B.Customer Experience

  • Rikke Lohse

    Rikke L.Customer Experience

  • Stef Gonzaga

    Stef G.Customer Experience

  • Dermot O'Connor

    Dermot O.Customer Experience

  • Stacey Carlyle

    Stacey C.Customer Experience

  • Keita Yamada

    Keita Y.Customer Service Lead

  • Galina Skovorodnikova

    Galina S.Customer Success Lead

  • Evert Velthuizen

    Evert V.Head of Customer Experience

  • Oleg Shydlouski

    Oleg S.Backend Development

  • Melis Ünal

    Melis Ü.Turkish Localization

  • Julia Hilt

    Julia H.Design

  • David Miotti

    David M.Fullstack Development

  • Anton Ball

    Anton B.Fullstack Lead

  • Kahlil Hodgson

    Kahlil H.Backend Development

  • Naomi Liddell

    Naomi L.Content Marketing

  • Denise York

    Denise Y.Content Marketing

  • Dawid Gaweł

    Dawid G.Fullstack Development

  • Chase Warrington

    Chase W.Head of Remote

  • Daniel García

    Daniel G.International Growth Marketing

  • Samuel Earle

    Samuel E.Growth Marketing

  • Jef Curtis

    Jef C.Fullstack Development

  • Hugo Fauquenoi

    Hugo F.Product Management

  • Ben Breckler

    Ben B.Design Lead

  • Stephen Barkan

    Stephen B.Design Lead

  • Alex Muench

    Alex M.Design Lead

  • Frankie Yan

    Frankie Y.Frontend Lead

  • Ernesto García

    Ernesto G.Frontend Lead

  • Rain Soo

    Rain S.Product Management

  • Scott Lovegrove

    Scott L.Frontend Development

  • Paweł Grimm

    Paweł G.Frontend Development

  • Lefteris Chatzimparmpas

    Lefteris C.Backend Development

  • Janusz Gregorczyk

    Janusz G.Backend Development

  • Francesca Guiducci

    Francesca G.Frontend Development

  • Maeg Valdez

    Maeg V.Finance

  • Luke Merrett

    Luke M.Backend Development

  • Brenna Loury

    Brenna L.CMO

  • Enric Enrich

    Enric E.Head of iOS

  • Sergey Kozlov

    Sergey K.Android Development

  • Maxime Kruijer

    Maxime K.Product Marketing

  • Akari Takahashi

    Akari T.Japanese Localization

  • Matteo Moroni

    Matteo M.Italian Localization

  • Scott Syroka

    Scott S.Product Marketing

  • Kjetil L

    Kjetil L.Norwegian Localization

  • Thomas Jost

    Thomas J.Backend Development

  • Ana Ferreira

    Ana F.Head of Design

  • Carrie Hall

    Carrie H.Android Development

  • Anaïs Mares

    Anaïs M.Design

  • Heather Andrews

    Heather A.Motion Designer

  • Dominique Jost

    Dominique J.Head of Product

  • João Valente

    João V.Frontend Development

  • Willian Molinari

    Willian M.Backend Development

  • Paul Oslund

    Paul O.Frontend Development

  • Natalie Mclaren

    Natalie M.Frontend Development

  • Alex Rodrigues

    Alex R.Head of Infrastructure

  • Menghan Zhong

    Menghan Z.Head of Finance

  • Igor Khomyakov

    Igor K.DevOps

  • Artyom Pervukhim

    Artyom P.DevOps

  • Davy Van Landuyt

    Davy V.Dutch Localization

  • Afzal Najam

    Afzal N.Android Development

  • Felipe Rodrigues

    Felipe R.Backend Development

  • Ricardo Amaral

    Ricardo A.Frontend Development

  • Stijn Zoontjens

    Stijn Z.Design

  • Angélica Puerto

    Angélica P.Spanish Localization

  • Vojtěch Schubert

    Vojtěch S.Czech Localization

  • Alex Wiese

    Alex W.German Localization

  • Luis Abreu

    Luis A.Design

  • Modasser Billah

    Modasser B.Backend Development

  • Hiroki Nagasawa

    Hiroki N.iOS Development

  • Craig Carlyle

    Craig C.Frontend Development

  • Beata Wojciechowska

    Beata W.Polish Localization

  • Andrew Mleczko

    Andrew M.Backend Development

  • Julia Pustovoytova

    Julia P.Android Development

  • Pedro Santos

    Pedro S.Android Development

  • Piotr Wilczek

    Piotr W.Android Development

  • Oleg Tyurin

    Oleg T.Russian Localization

  • Rebecka Ekblad

    Rebecka E.Swedish Localization

  • Andrew Gobran

    Andrew G.People Operations

  • Allan Christensen

    Allan C.COO

  • Chizoba Ogbonna

    Chizoba O.Android Development

  • Margarida Mouta

    Margarida M.Design

  • Jaime Azevedo

    Jaime A.iOS Development

  • Olga Vshivtseva

    Olga V.Android Development

  • Rastislav Vaško

    Rastislav V.Head of Android

  • Becky Kane

    Becky K.Content Marketing

  • Jane Youn

    Jane Y.Korean Localization

  • Hugues Marty

    Hugues M.French Localization

  • Patrik Selin

    Patrik S.Finnish Localization

  • Guan Li

    Guan L.Chinese Localization

  • Raquel Pontes

    Raquel P.Brazilian Portuguese Localization

  • Manal Al-Shair

    Manal A.Arabic Localization

  • Pedro Carrasco

    Pedro C.iOS Development

  • Anthony Egerton

    Anthony E.iOS Development

  • Andris Zalitis

    Andris Z.iOS Development

  • Henning Muszynski

    Henning M.Head of Frontend

  • Seva Zaikov

    Seva Z.Frontend Development

  • Pedro Alves

    Pedro A.Frontend Development

  • Weihung Yin

    Weihung Y.Design

  • Panagiotis Tsamoudakis

    Panagiotis T.Design

  • Amir Salihefendic

    Amir S.Founder & CEO

  • Gonçalo Silva

    Gonçalo S.CTO

Doist Team Hangout

Our differences make us a stronger team

The diversity at Doist makes for more innovative collaborations and more delightful workdays.

Rastislav V.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Diving is not the easiest hobby in a landlocked country. But Doist makes it possible!

❤️ 10

🙂 9

Anton B.

Perth, Australia

Flexible working conditions means I can attend activities, like my daughter's dance class, when I otherwise would have been in an office or stuck in traffic. She'll remember I was available more than anything.

🎉 12

🙂 7

Stephen B.

Chicago, USA

Because of Doist's async work culture, I've been able to start volunteering in my neighborhood's mutual aid, spending every Friday afternoon packing bags of produce to help feed my community and reduce food waste!

❤️ 1

👏🏻 18

Chizoba O.


Working remotely gives me time for my early morning runs, which actually puts me in a relaxed state before work begins 😃

❤️ 5

🙂 7