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Many walks of life, one shared mission

From Minneapolis to Belarus, Brazil to Bratislava, we‘re united by one goal: Create products that help people live more fulfilling lives.

photo from 2019 doist team retreat in the azores, portugalphoto from 2018 doist team retreat in santiago, chilephoto from 2017 doist team retreat in athens, greecephoto of doist team members going rafting in icelandphoto from 2016 doist team retreat in icelandphoto from 2015 doist team retreat in menorca, spainphoto of doist team members working together in menorca, spain

Azores ‘19

We are Doist

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We are Doist

  • Afzal N.Android Development

  • Anton B.Frontend Development

  • Felipe R.Backend Development

  • Paulo K.Head of Backend

  • Bruno O.Android Development

  • Jef C.Frontend Development

  • Menghan Z.Head of Finance

  • Ricardo A.Frontend Development

  • Diane L.Customer Support

  • Ana F.Head of Design

  • Stijn Z.Design

  • Angélica P.Spanish Localization

  • Vojtěch S.Czech Localization

  • Alex W.German Localization

  • Kjetil L.Norwegian Localization

  • Galina S.Customer Support

  • Luis A.Design

  • Modasser B.Backend Development

  • Marija G.Customer Support

  • Samuel E.Business Development

  • Lucia L.Frontend Development

  • Hiroki N.iOS Development

  • Stephen B.Design

  • David M.Frontend Development

  • Alex M.Design

  • Craig C.Frontend Development

  • Beata W.Polish Localization

  • Frankie Y.Frontend Development

  • Jackie O.Content Marketing

  • Christoph K.Integrations Development

  • Hugo F.Growth

  • Aer P.Product Marketing

  • Thomas J.Backend Development

  • Neil V.Product Marketing

  • Andrew M.Backend Development

  • Artyom P.DevOps

  • Caio C.Backend Development

  • Igor K.DevOps

  • Julia P.Android Development

  • Oleg S.Backend Development

  • Pedro S.Android Development

  • Piotr W.Android Development

  • Roman I.Head of Backend

  • Oleg T.Russian Localization

  • Rebecka E.Swedish Localization

  • Melis Ü.Turkish Localization

  • Fadeke A.Content Marketing

  • Brenna L.Head of Marketing

  • Andrew G.People Operations

  • Mitchell N.People Operations

  • Agnese B.Customer Support

  • Allan C.COO

  • Anaïs M.Design

  • Ben B.Design

  • Chizoba O.Android Development

  • Evert V.Head of Support

  • Lucile F.Product Management

  • Dominic M.Machine Learning

  • Margarida M.Design

  • João V.User Research

  • Ernesto G.Frontend Development

  • Chase W.Head of Business Development

  • Jaime A.iOS Development

  • Jan K.Head of Integrations

  • Keita Y.Customer Support

  • Maxime K.Customer Support

  • Michelle L.Finance

  • Olga V.Android Development

  • Omar S.Customer Support

  • Rastislav V.Head of Android

  • Rikke L.Customer Support

  • Scott L.Integrations Development

  • Becky K.Content Marketing

  • Jane Y.Korean Localization

  • Keitaro I.Japanese Localization

  • Hugues M.French Localization

  • Patrik S.Finnish Localization

  • Guan L.Chinese Localization

  • Raquel P.Brazilian Portuguese Localization

  • Manal A.Arabic Localization

  • Pedro C.iOS Development

  • Enric E.iOS Development

  • Anthony E.iOS Development

  • Andris Z.iOS Development

  • Nuno B.Head of iOS

  • Willian M.Integrations Development

  • Lefteris C.Integrations Development

  • Janusz G.Integrations Development

  • David F.Integrations Development

  • Henning M.Head of Frontend

  • Vishnu G.Frontend Development

  • Seva Z.Frontend Development

  • Pedro A.Frontend Development

  • Weihung Y.Design

  • Panagiotis T.Design

  • Amir S.Founder & CEO

  • Gonçalo S.CTO

  • Summer T.Customer Support

  • Pierre K.Customer Support

  • David T.Customer Support

Doist Team Hangout

Our differences make us a stronger team

The diversity at Doist makes for more innovative collaborations and more delightful workdays.

Hiroki N.

Porto, Portugal

I lived in Europe for a few months and was able to climb Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the European Alps. It was unforgettable!

❤️ 16

👏🏻 11

Olga V.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Flexible working hours allow me to truly enjoy mornings by going wakesurfing in the least busy time.

🎉 12

😲 16

Ernesto G.


With a flexible work schedule I can enjoy the small pleasures in life. Like in a moment's notice deciding to go watch a total solar eclipse a few hundred miles away.

🙂 11

❤️ 16

Chizoba O.


Working remotely gives me time for my early morning runs, which actually puts me in a relaxed state before work begins 😃

👏🏻 6

🎉 4

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